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In order to become a member of the Network the interested subject must:

  1. be a Regional Authority (or other Local Authority of regional level) with Political decisional Organs recognized by its Member State;
  2. possess a clear political will, shown in written form [i.e. a law, a resolution or declaration (or anything adequate and comparable) of the regional parliament and/or regional government and/or the responsible minister and/or any other political competent authority body]; as an alternative this will could be expressed by a decision of the government to join the Network recognising the principles contained in the "Charter of Florence";
  3. inform beforehand the secretariat of the Network sending a letter/fax/email with the political will;
  4. fill in, both in english and french, the adhesion paper and send it via ordinary mail to:

President of the European GMO-free Regions Network
State Secretary Beatrix Tappeser
c / o hessian ministry for environment, climate protection, agriculture and consumer protection
Mainzer Straße 80
D - 65189 Wiesbaden

subject: Adhesion to the GMO-free European Regions' Network

The Steering Committee will evaluate any formal candidature and will communicate the results of the adhesion process.

Possible reasons for a negative answer are:

  • clear evidence of active pro-GM local policies;
  • insufficient/wrong information about the institutional profile of the person that submitted the request of adhesion on behalf of the Regional/Local Authority.