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Presentation Mr Reyneri, 29-4-2009

Coexistence scenarios in Piemonte. Download

Presentation AGES, 29-4-2009

A coexistence perspective in Austria. Download

Austrian supplementary Risk Assessment of GM maize, 14-12-2007

Supplementary Risk Assessment for GM Maize MON 810 with regard to the conclusions of the WTOPanel in the case ?EC Biotech? on Austrian safeguard measures for GM maize. Download

A study from JRC-IPTS of the European Commission, 1-1-2006

New case studies on the coexistence of GM and non-GM crops in European agriculture. Download

An article from Nature reviews - Microbiology volume 3, september 2005, 1-9-2005

Horizontal gene transfer, genome innovation and evolution. Download

Landscape fragmentation, biodiversity loss and the societal response (from EMBO report vol.5 2005), 1-5-2005

The longterm consequences of our use of natural resources may be surprising and unpleasant. Download

An article from Transgenic Research (2005) 14, 24-2-2005

TILLING moves beyond functional genomics into crop improvement. Download

A report prepared for the Council on Biotechnology Information, Washington, D.C., 8-12-2004

The Global Diffusion of Plant Biotechnology: International Adoption and Research in 2004. Download

An article from Transgenic Research (2005) 14, 8-11-2004

Effects of Bt maize on the herbivore Spodoptera littoralis and the parasitoid Cotesia marginiventris. Download

An article from the African Journal of Biotechnology, 14-9-2004

Putting GM technologies to work: public research pipelines in selected African countries. Download

An article from Plant Physiology, March 2004, Vol. 134, 1-3-2004

Transgenic Maize and the Evolution of Landrace Diversity in Mexico. The Importance of Farmers' Behavior. Download

An article from Nature Biotechnology Vol.21 Feb 2003, 27-1-2003

Cloned transgenic cattle produced milk with higher levels of beta-casein and k-casein. Download

An article from Molecular Biology and Evolution, Vol. 20, No. 10 - 2003, 1-1-2003

Horizontal Gene Transfer Accelerates Genome Innovation and Evolution. Download

Workshop proceedings, 4-6-2002

Criteria for field testing of plants with engineered regulatory, metabolic, and signalling pathways. Download

An article from Nature Biotechnology, Vol.20 - 2002, 1-1-2002

Transgenic crops-why gene flow matters. Download

An article from Crop Science, vol. 41 - 2001, 1-10-2001

Maize Pollen Longevity and Distance Isolation Requirements for Effective Pollen Control. Download

Workshop proceedings, 3-2-1999

Ecological effects of pest resistance genes in managed ecosystems. Download

Article from SCRI Annual Report 1994, 1-1-1994

Aspects of environmental risk assessment for genetically modified plants with special reference to oilseed rape. Download


An article from Unasylva 217, Vol.55 2004. Download