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Network documents


Networks Position Paper about the proposal of the EU-Commission for Opt Out for food and feed, 29-10-2015


Berlin final Declaration, 8-5-2015

Position Paper of the EU-Network of GMO-free Regions on Greek Presidency compromise proposal amending Directive 200118/EC as regards the possibility for the Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs in their territory (Doc.Nr. 10271/14), 10-6-2014


Vienna Final Declaration, 23-11-2010

8th Conference - Save the date, 5-10-2010
Save the date for the 8th Network Conference, 22-23 november 2010 - Vienna, Austria. Download

Upper Austria Press, 16-7-2010
Upper Austria press about new EC proposal for allowing MS to forbid GM crops. Download

Final Declaration, 4-2-2010
3rd International Conference on GMO-free feedstuff and quality labels. Download

3rd GM-free Soy International Conference, 3-2-2010.
Programme. FR EN ES DE

Final Declaration, 19-6-2009
7th Network Conference, Urbino. Download

Notes, 4-6-2009
Intervention of the GMO-free European Regions Network at the COEXTRA meeting in Paris. Download

WG protection of non-GM agriculture, 12-2-2009
Input paper ver.1 Download

WG1 - input paper ver.0, 5-2-2009
Input paper for the 2nd WG1 meeting in Brussels. Download

2008 activity report, 5-2-2009
Report. Download

Press Release, 5-12-2008
Network reaction to EU Council conclusions on GMOs. Download

Network statement, 3-12-2008

Contribution to the debate on quality policies for EU agriculture. Download 


Steering Committee outcomes, 3-12-2008

Outcomes of the SC of 3 december 2008. Download

Network Position, 14-11-2008

EU Council Conclusions, draft document of the ad-hoc working party. Download

Joint Agreement, 24-10-2008

between Slow Food International & the Network. Download

WG1 - Outcomes of the Kick off meeting, 24-10-2008

Outcomes after the launching event in Turin, October 2008. Download

Opening speech by Euskadi, 23-10-2008

Network Assembly in Turin, Salone del Gusto 2008. Download

Assembly minute, 23-10-2008

Minute of the Assembly in Turin (Salone del Gusto 2008). Download  

Bilbao Declaration, 25-4-2008

6th Network Conference final statement. Download

Assembly Minute, 25-4-2008

Main outcome after the Assembly in Bilbao (6th Network Conference). Download

Bilbao Conference - programme, 24-4-2008

Final programme leaflet. Dowload






Provisional programme 6th Conference, 12-3-2008



English version. Download

2007 Activity report, 1-3-2008

Report. Download

Steering Committee report, 14-2-2008
Final minute of the 14 february 2008 Steering Committee meeting. Download

Assembly report, 14-2-2008

Report of the 14 february Assembly. Download 


GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 1, Cenni, 6-12-2007

Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download 

GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 1 Stockinger, 6-12-2007


Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download

GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 2, Vincenzo Cimino, 6-12-2007

Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download

GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 2, Ascacibar, 6-12-2007

Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download

GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 2, Herviaux, 6-12-2007

Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download

GMfree feedstuff Conference - Session 5, Govi, 6-12-2007

Presentation from the 2007 GM-free Feedstuff International Conference in Brussels. Download

International Conference on GM-free feedstuff - 5/6 dec 2007, 6-12-2007

Final political declaration. EN DE ES

Steering Committee Minute, 3-10-2007

Final report of the 3 October 2007 Steering Committee meeting. Download 





Assembly report, 4-10-2007 


Main results of the 4 October 2007 Network's Assembly. Download


Turin Declaration, 18-5-2007

Final Declaration after the 5th Conference of the Network in Turin. Download

Joint Statement, 18-5-2007

Joint Statement between the Network and the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture. Download

5th Conference Input Paper, 17-5-2007

A brief introduction to the main topic on which the conference is focused. Download

Multilateral meeting presentation, 18-4-2007

Notes and queries from the Network to the European Commission's Services. Download

Report of 17-18 april meetings, 18-4-2007

Multilateral meeting with Commission Services and Network's Assembly - REPORT. Download

2006 Activity Report, 21-3-2007

The report resumes the Network's 2006 activities. Download

Steering Committee meeting - Outcomes, 21-3-2007


Assembly meeting - Outcomes, 21-3-2007


Steering Committee meeting - Outcomes, 23-1-2007


Network message on new EU Organic regulation, 18-12-2006

Press communication in view of the debate at European Council on the proposal of new organic European Regulation. Download

Virrankoski's report - Network reaction, 23-11-2006

Comments to the draft report "Biotechnology: Prospects and Challenges for Agriculture in Europe", presented to the European Parliament by MEP Kyösti Virrankoski. Download

Steering Committee meeting - Outcomes, 24-10-2006


Steering Committee meeting - Outcomes, 5-7-2006


Steering Committee meeting - Outcomes, 27-4-2006


Network's Flyer, 6-4-2006

Some information about the Network. Download

Vienna Conference speech, 6-4-2006


Network's speech by Tuscany Minister for Agriculture at the Vienna Conference on Coexistence on April 2006 - english only. Download

Assembly outcomes, 24-2-2006

Main Outcomes of the Assembly of 24 april 2006. Download

Renne declaration, 30-11-2005

Final Declaration after the 4th Network's Conference. Download

Network's position on Coexistence rules, 30-11-2005

Political position on the subject of techniocal rules for coexistence. Download

Technical support to coexistence rules, 30-11-2005

Technical paper to support the Network's position on coexistence rulesrules. Download

Position on Research, 30-11-2005

Network's position on the subject of the research on green biotechnology. Download

Position on GMOs' contamination on seeds, 30-11-2005

Network's position on the subject of seed contamination. Download

Expression of solidarity to Upper Austria, 11-10-2005

Solidarity to Upper Austria Region after the sentence of the ECJ that rejected the regional law on GMOs. Download

Preliminary notes to Brazilian mission, 1-10-2005

Preparatory document to the GMO-free European Regions Network's mission to Brazil. Download

CoR-speech_IT, 27-6-2005

Tuscany Minister for Agriculture's speech at the COR Conference on June 2005 - italian only. Download

Technical Meeting - minutes, 18-5-2005

Minutes of the 18 may Technical meeting in Brussels. Download

Assembly Outcomes, 6-4-2005

Main outcomes of the Assembly in Brussels before the meeting with the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Mrs. Mariann Fischer-Boel. Download

Charter of Florence, 5-2-2005

Charter of the European GMO-free Regions on the subjet of coexistence of GMOs with conventional and organic farming. Download

Tuscany - Upper Austria joint statement, 27-8-2004

Joint declaration issued in Florence on August 27th 2004 from Tuscany and Upper Austria Agriculture Ministers. Download

Brussels Declaration, 4-11-2003

First joint declaration of the Network issued in Brussels on November 2003. Download